Country music returns to China next month for the second ever Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week. According to the festival website, which is entirely in Chinese, Lucy Angel will return to the festival they first played in 2009. The mother/daughters trio have done quite a lot of touring in Europe and Asia.

It's difficult to tell if any other American country bands will be participating in the September 10-16 festival. In 2009, there were a couple of regional bands as well as country bands from Austria, Australia and Japan. Organizers have a much different definition of "country music" than what we know in the States; it seems all traditional folk music falls under the "country" umbrella. The Hunan government website says 26 bands have been booked so far for 2011.

The festival will take place at the scenic UNESCO World Heritage site in central China, in the Hunan providence. "Every effort needs to be made to turn the music festival into a regular event and to develop Zhangjiajie into an international country music venue," Ye Wenzhi, general manager of one of the event's organizers, the Huanglongdong Tourist Corp, told the China Daily newspaper.

John Denver appears to be popular in the region. In 2009, his hit 'Take Me Home' was not only the festival's theme, it was performed by Lucy Angel and by the festival town's mayor in promotional video for the event. This year's video features the same performance, albeit animated.

Watch a Promo Video for 2011's Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week