Singer-songwriter Christina Taylor grew up with both parents working in the medical field. Like them, she knew she wanted to pursue helping others heal. However, her approach wouldn’t be through medicine, but through music.

“My dad is a doctor, my mom is a nurse,” Taylor shares. “I come from a family of, I would like to say healers.”

It was through growing up listening to Pink and Eric Church that Taylor realized how healing music can be. With her own experience in hand, she knew she wanted to evoke the same feeling when writing music.

The singer wanted to be there for her fans, meeting them at the best of times or worst of times in their lives.

With all that the coronavirus pandemic brought, it also brought a wake of identity crisis for the singer. After a season of questioning, her perspective now looking back on that time in her life is positive.

“I’m happy that I had it,” she shares. “It got me back to my “why.” Why am I an artist? Why did I decide to do this so many years ago?”

It gave her the motivation to continue to do what she loves, jumping into 2022 more inspired than ever to write new and fresh music.

One of those fresh songs is her first single of 2022, “Somebody Will”.

“There are so many 'situationships' where it’s like a relationship, but you’re not calling it that…how exhausting,” she says. “I wanted to give people some hope to get out of something like that.”

Although the singer says she’s not leaving her traditional country flair behind, fans can expect her to push the envelope this year on the stylistic blend in her music to come.

“While I have a big voice, I wanted to take it down a notch,” she says. “I’m not saying I have a bunch of ballads coming out, but it’s just not as loud and in your face…more modern.”

Breaking the career mold of her parents could have been a source of conflict, but Taylor says her parents have always been supportive of her way of “healing others."

“You’d think with my dad being a doctor…you know, medical school, college, he’d want me to stay on a pretty traditional path,” she states. “They were the ones who were like, 'You shouldn’t go to school yet if you don’t really know what you want to do.'”

They pushed her to chase her dreams.

“'If this music thing is something you want to pursue, you’re going to regret not going for it,'” she recalls them telling her.

You can learn more about Taylor on the singer’s official website.

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