CMT's The Last Cowboy is zooming in on the lives of real cowboys competing for a $1 million prize. On Friday (Nov. 24), three of the competitors will look familiar.

Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan first launched the competition in 2019, and he's featured prominently during this season's episodes. A clip shared first with Taste of Country readers finds him adding commentary to a run from Tom McCutcheon, who — along with his wife and son — may look familiar to fans of the Paramount Network drama. See if you can figure out why.

This episode of The Last Cowboy airs on CMT on Friday at 8PM ET.

Like all competitors on The Last Cowboy, the McCutcheon family is competing in horse reining, a series of maneuvers that ends with the signature sliding stop (as seen in the above clip). Sheridan explains how Tom McCutcheon is one of the older competitors, but he's still very hungry for a win.

Also seen in this clip are his wife Mandy and son Cade. All three appeared in Season 2, Ep. 5 of Yellowstone, which just ran on CBS last Sunday. During the scene, Jimmy (Played by Jefferson White) is testing out his sliding stop against a group of professionals led by Travis (Sheridan). The McCutcheon family end up being plants, and their total annihilation of Jimmy is painful — if a bit funny — to watch.

Yellowstone often uses real cowboys and horses in place of stunt men and actors. The Last Cowboy features a similar cast. In fact, a previous episode zoomed in on world-renowned rider Andrea Fappani, who is mentioned in the same episode of Yellowstone that the McCutcheon family star in.

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