Cody Canada & the Departed have just filmed a video for their latest single, 'Inbetweener,' and they're sharing it with Taste of Country readers first.

The former Cross Canadian Ragweed frontman and his current band released their new album, 'HippieLovePunk,' on Jan. 13, and it reached No. 1 in both country and rock on Amazon's MP3 Albums chart, No. 9 in Billboard's Country Albums chart and No. 8 on Billboard's Independent Albums chart. The new project also hit the Top 5 in iTunes Country Albums, making the Top 40 overall.

'HippieLovePunk' has drawn widespread praise from critics, marking a return to form for the Red Dirt sensations following the amicable departure of vocalist and guitarist Seth James.

“This record is back to a comfort zone for me," Canada observes. "It’s me writing the songs. It’s me sharing my opinion."

The video for 'Inbetweener' features classic cars interspersed with shots of the group performing in a saloon. The images perfectly underscore the rough-and-ready groove of the track, which draws on country and classic rock for a unique sound that Canada's fans will instantly identify.

The music is a new twist on the same kind of rootsy material he's been making for years, but the lyrics on 'HippieLovePunk' convey a newfound maturity. Canada is a father of two now, and he attributes his change in perspective to the Sandy Hook school shootings in 2012.

“I was watching the news, which I hardly do because it makes me sad," he recalls. "That day, I thought, how can we live in a country where we send our kids to school and we have to worry about it? My parents didn’t worry when they sent me to school. I walked to school, and they didn’t worry about it one bit. That’s really what started this thing. There’s a few of those ‘take care of each other’ hippie songs, you know.”

It's the balance between that and the angrier songs that gave the album its name. "But the punk’s always gonna be there. Anger is one thing that always fuels my fire,” Canada adds. “If I get pissed off about something, I write lyrics about it.”

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