One of the remaining links to Hank Williams died on Sunday. Cois E. 'Pee Wee' Moultrie spent two years as a Drifting Cowboy and helped record early songs like 'Fan it' and 'Alexander's Ragtime Band.' It was the teenaged Williams who gave him his nickname.

In December 2011, Ft. Walton Fla.'s NWF Daily News featured Moultrie listening to resurrected recordings of his work with Williams from the 'Hank Williams: The Legend Begins' box set. “Not too bad for a couple of teenagers,” he told the paper. “I didn’t expect to ever hear those songs. At that time I’d never even seen a recorder of any kind. I never would have thought anything like this would happen.”

Moultrie's kids told the Destin Log that their dad spent the rest of his life playing music and even found friends to play with while serving in the Air Force (1943-71). "He always had a gig on Friday and Saturday nights," Patti Bayless, his youngest daughter, said. "It was fun even though at the time I was in college and liked rock n’ roll.”

Ann Jackson, another of Moultrie's daughters, shared that her dad thought Elvis Presley was atrocious. “He was a very conservative, country-western performer," she said.

An obituary reports that Moultrie is survived by his wife of 33 years, two daughters, five grand children and five great-grandchildren. The funeral services were Thursday (Jan. 19) morning, and the family is hoping donations will be made to the Wounded Warrior Project in lieu of flowers.