From time to time, the energy of a live show -- plus maybe a few beers and who knows what else -- becomes too much for some country music fans. Many of them have been documented doing things that are regrettable at best, and illegal at worst. Sure, who hasn't shouted "Free Bird!" at an inappropriate moment at a country show? But the fans we're referring to stepped way out of bounds, and often into the back of a cop car.

We've collected some of the most unflattering (but often funny) examples of extreme country fandom. A few rowdy revelers even went as far as to try and fight their favorite singer, and a few singers wanted to fight the fans right back. As you'll see, one female superstar even yells at a front row patron like she's her daughter -- not that she didn't deserve it.

There aren't enough exclamation points to make this statement strong enough: DON'T TRY THESE THINGS AT YOUR NEXT COUNTRY SHOW!

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