Vince Gill's songs are some of the most-demanded in country music. The Country Music Hall of Famer enjoyed a long slow steady climb to the top, but since his arrival, he's been a favorite, whether singing his own Grammy-winning hits or backing up other artists from all formats of music.

Gill's journey began in bluegrass, with a move to the Pure Prairie League, where his voice was heard on pop radio singing 'Let Me Love You Tonight.' Finally, in the '80s he'd land a deal with RCA, but chart success was few and far between. In 1990, Gill was finished paying his dues when MCA released 'When I Call Your Name' and his star finally rose. This list of Vince Gill songs captures his best, from early hits like 'Never Knew Lonely' to gems like 'I Still Believe in You' and award-winning duets with Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire.

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    'The Heart Won't Lie' (with Reba McEntire)

    From Reba McEntire's 'It's Your Call' (1992)

    Vince Gill and Reba McEntire first appeared on the charts with 'Oklahoma Swing' in 1990, a collaboration that would lead to a great friendship and another big success in 'The Heart Won't Lie.' The song was penned by pop star Kim Carnes, and was originally intended to be a duet with Kenny Rogers and Reba McEntire. That pairing didn't work out, leading McEntire to her friend Gill. The duo's voices blended together perfectly, accompanied by a dramatic video, which gave the two Oklahoma natives another No. 1 hit.

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    'One More Last Chance'

    From 'I Still Believe in You' (1992)

    Released during Vince Gill's hot streak of hits in the early '90s, this song was a nice balance to the string of love songs that were dominating his catalog at the time. The rockin' number showcased Gill's diverse musical talents, and became a favorite of his live concert setlist. 'One More Last Chance' is a comical story about a man who ends up in the dog house one too many times, and a favorite out of many of the best Vince Gill songs.

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    'I Will Always Love You' (with Dolly Parton)

    From 'Souvenirs' (1995)

    While one would assume that the classic 'I Will Always Love You' had run its course of chart success by the mid '90s, Gill's voice revived the song like butter on stale popcorn. Originally a hit in '74 and '82 for writer Dolly Parton (then a major pop hit for Whitney Houston), in 1995 Gill teamed with Parton to give the song one more run up the country charts. In addition to becoming a hit again, the song grabbed a CMA for Vocal Event of the Year.

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    'Never Knew Lonely'

    From 'When I Call Your Name' (1990)

    Vince Gill is the master of delivering pristine ballads that will rip your heart out. 'Never Knew Lonely' is one of those perfect arrangements of production, lyrics, and vocals that will heal or actually cause a lonely broken heart. The tearful ballad hit No. 3 and stayed for two weeks in 1990, while Gill continued his rise to superstardom. The following year, he would win his first of many CMA awards for Male Vocalist of the Year.

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    'Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away'

    From 'I Still Believe In You' (1992)

    Known for power ballads, Gill used songs like 'Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away' to showcase his amazing guitar skills and get the crowds on their feet. The playful video for the hit featured a cast of celebrity friends that included Reba, Carl Perkins, Pam Tillis, Lee Roy Parnel, Ralph Emery, and Little Jimmy Dickens. Billboard lists the song -- which stayed at No. 1 for three weeks -- as the biggest chart hit of Gill's career, which is why it made our list of Top Vince Gill Songs.

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    'If You Ever Have Forever in Mind'

    From 'The Key' (1998)

    In 1998, while the young hot pop country stars of the day were dominating the charts, Vince Gill broke through with a song that was anything but 'modern sounding.' The refreshing track was reminiscent of a Floyd Cramer, Pasty Cline, Eddy Arnold, or Jim Reeves record, also described as "the Nashville sound" of the '60s. Gill got the jazzy tune to an impressive No. 5, and scored himself another Grammy for Male Vocal of the year.

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    'I Still Believe in You'

    From 'I Still Believe in You' (1992)

    In 1992, Vince Gill turned personal relationship troubles into a Grammy-winning hit. After 17 years of marriage to Janis Gill of the Sweethearts of the Rodeo, the two drifted apart and divorced in 1997. While the Gills tried to work on their differences, Vince penned the 'I Still Believe in You' lyrics. The 'make-up' song hit No. 1 in 1992, an earned Gill a Grammy for Male Vocal and Song of the Year. The personality and success make this hit an undeniable choice for our Top Vince Gill Songs list.

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    'When I Call Your Name'

    From 'When I Call Your Name' (1990)

    In 1984, Gill placed his first song on RCA Records on the Billboard country charts. The rising musician (at the time) broke the Top 10 a few times in the '80s, but finally found gold with his MCA release in 1990. The single and album titled 'When I Call Your Name' peaked at No. 2 for two weeks, earned a Grammy for Male Vocal, and an CMA award for Single and Song of the Year. Gill's soaring tenor and the records retro sound officially cemented his name into country music history.

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    'Look at Us'

    From 'Pocket Full of Gold' (1991)

    Powered by a steel guitar and a traditional arrangement, 'Look At Us' battled through the contemporary pop hits of the early '90s to become one of the most popular records of the decade. Once again, Gill penned a song that told the story of the average married couple proud to have overcome life's obstacles to celebrate a milestone anniversary. The beautiful song is a popular selection for any anniversary party or wedding, and a great pick as one of Vince Gill's top songs.

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    'Go Rest High on That Mountain'

    From 'When Love Finds You' (1994)

    Topping our list of Vince Gill songs is a tune that has helped many people through the grieving process of losing a loved one. Gill started writing 'Go Rest High on That Mountain' in honor of Keith Whitely, who passed in 1989. After the passing of his own brother a few years later, Gill completed the musical memorial. Backed by Ricky Skaggs and Patty Loveless, this majestic song gem continues to be played at funerals and helps broken hearts heal worldwide.

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