There are a few equally famous couples in country music, like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, but more often than not, most spouses remain in the background, only appearing during red carpet ceremonies at award shows -- and sometimes not even then. Toby Keith almost always flies solo, as does George Strait, but he's been married for so long his wife Norma is probably sick of Nashville's biggest nights.

Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Sara Evans and Eric Church are relative newcomers, so their spouses aren't as well known. We've put together a list of country stars and their soul mates, an ode to love and the men and women who work behind the scenes, making sure the family is taken care of while their singer significant other is out on the road. There's no doubt that all of the artists listed agree they wouldn't be half as successful without a loving partner to rely on, so check out our list of lovebirds!