Last night, Tuesday, Dec. 7, Court Yard Hounds held a live web chat with their fans. The web chat was streamed live from Martie Maguire's in-home studio and gave fans a chance to connect with the duo on a deeper level. The former Dixie Chicks members answered questions from fans and also performed some new songs.

The first new song that the sisters (and bandmates) debuted is called 'Like Fools.' "We recorded ['Like Fools'] for the last album," said Emily Robison. "But we didn't finish it so we played it live this last year." Before they said which songs they would be performing, Robison hinted at a new Court Yard Hounds album that may be in the works. "We're going to play a couple songs that might be on a new Court Yard Hounds release of some sort," she said.

After they finished playing 'Like Fools,' the duo went into their second new song. Entitled 'When You Wake,' Maguire went into some detail about the song. "This is one we just wrote," she explained. "[Our collaborator] Martin comes up with a lot of these licks [on guitar] and songs and he's been sending us stuff for a while. This is one we just put lyrics to yesterday."

Court Yard Hounds also explained that they have been experimenting with new musical stylings. "I started playing around with the sitar a few weeks ago on a song that we're working on," Robison said. "We'll see if it makes the cut. We're always looking for new sounds to incorporate."

The sisters finished off the live chat with a fan's request by performing the Dixie Chicks song 'Lil Jack Slade.' We wonder if it made them miss the old days of playing with Natalie Maines.

This web chat marks the last of a series of live chats that Maguire and Robison have held over the year. Hopefully, Court Yard Hounds will be back on the Web in 2011 with some more material.

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