Country newcomer Courtney Cole says she wanted her music video for "Drunk" to feel like a big, Mardi Gras-inspired party. So she called up her best friends and roped her band (although, they came willingly) for the clip, available for the first time during this Taste of Country exclusive premiere.

The Louisiana native tells ToC that the love song was inspired by a songwriter's retreat to the Smokey Mountains. There, she and her good friends took in breathtaking views and relaxed some before Cole said she was drunk on life. That stuck, and it became a funky new country song.

“I’ve definitely fallen in love," she says, laughing. "Maybe too many times.”

The girl in her song gets pulled over a few times, too — something Cole knows all about — those instances occur far less than falling in love. The last time was for speeding in Alabama. “I tried to get my way out of it, like sweet-talking the cop,” she says. He wasn't having it.

Tyler Barksdale directed the "Drunk" video. He also directed Cole's EPK in New Orleans, and is guy the singer says she plans on using often. All she wanted from the video was it to be a big party.

“At the end of the day, I kind of wanted it to be a big Mardi Gras scene,” Cole says.

Cole comes across as someone who is truly drunk on life 24/7. The good-natured singer embraces her fans in a one-of-a-kind way — shortly before speaking with TOC she was on MeerKat streaming a painting party with another of her friends. Look for her on the road this summer.

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