When it comes to priorities, Craig Campbell puts his family first, and these values shine through in his song 'Family Man.' Campbell was inspired to write 'Family Man,' which will be featured on his upcoming self-titled album, during a time when his life was about to change forever.

"I wrote it back when my wife and I were expecting our first baby and there were just some things that we were going through as a married couple -- financial stuff," Campbell tells Taste of Country.

This can be seen in lines like "I drive a buy here, pay here truck / It ain't new, but it is for me / It ain't much but it fires right up / And gets me from A to B."

Although Campbell's wife Mindy, who is also a country singer, supported his dream to pursue a career in music, she also had some concerns. "She wanted to make sure that I knew it wasn’t just the two of us anymore. I needed to make something happen or go out and get a real job -- a job with benefits because I gotta take care of a family," Campbell says.

Campbell sings, "I've been working as a temp / At the local factory / I hope they hire me on full-time / I've got shoes to buy and a mouth to feed."

On top of this, Campbell explains that he also wrote the song about his own emotional state during that time: "It kinda [also derived] from going through a lot of emotional things, with finding out I was gonna be a dad for the first time." Campbell is now the father of two beautiful daughters, Preslee and Kinni.

Being the accomplished songwriter that he is, Campbell naturally translated these feelings into lyrics. "They're a world my world revolves around / My sacred piece of solid ground  / The flesh and bone that gives me strength to stand  / They are a fire in my drivin' on  / The drive behind my comin home," Campbell sings in the chorus.

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