When a girl drives up to your house late at night in her truck, you know she's looking to do one thing ... 'Fish.' At least, that's the case in Craig Campbell's hilarious new music video.

Campbell is pretty sure he knows what he's in store for once the headlights grace his front porch and his pretty blonde girls steps out of her vehicle. Much to his surprise, however, his baby loves to fish. Together, they ride off into the night, in search of their favorite hole.

This video was shot in the middle of the night, when the fish are biting most -- at least for Campbell's lady. While she casts them out and reels them in over and over, Campbell plays his suggestive tune on an acoustic guitar and looks on in awe, as he hasn't hooked a single one. Perhaps that's because he's scaring them all away as he belts out his latest single!

Big ones, small ones, Campbell's girl loves them all. At one point, she even seduces a fish to jump up on the dock -- without her line even gracing the water. Finally, the singer's bobber goes under, too, and his girl offers to lend him a hand pulling it in. He turns her down, his heart set on the big one, but it ends up being the big one that got away. Campbell pulls in a wet boot just as the screen goes dark.

Watch the Craig Campbell 'Fish' Video