Little Avery is a pint-sized pistol, and is pretty much exactly how we'd envision Miranda Lambert as a tiny tot. Even though she was born long after pay phones and cassette tapes were in rogue, spitfire Avery -- also a beauty pageant contestant -- knows the hit 'Automatic' word for word, providing hilarious commentary throughout her performance. It's clear she is used to being onstage and in front of people; her sass and charm are second nature!

Don't be confused by the voices in the background. Avery isn't deterred by the distraction one bit. The cutie sings while listening to the song via earbuds, giving viewers a semi acapella version of the hit country song, sounding every bit as cute as she looks. Anyone can tell that Avery's favorite part of 'Automatic' is the chorus, 'cause she really belts it out ... until she gets distracted and decides a new adventure is in store.