This 9-year-old can bring a smile to anyone's face by just saying her name: Emi Sunshine. But when she grabs an instrument and begins singing -- or in her case, yodeling -- she'll make you smile and knock your socks off at the same time.

The young singer's rendition of Jimmie Rogers' 'Blue Yodel No. 6' prompts lots of slack-jawed expressions. Could it be that such a powerful voice can come out of someone so ... small? Emi masterfully sings this tune, hitting the notes with the ferocity and confidence of someone well beyond her years.

Emi Sunshine is one heck of an instrumentalist too -- we're reminded of country prodigy Hunter Hayes, who played more than 30 instruments on his self-titled debut. So far, at the very young age of nine, she plays ukulele, banjolele, mandolin, kazoo, some piano and pens her own songs. Impressive, right?

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