There are loads of videos of cute kids belting out their favorite tunes floating around the web -- the youngens tackle their favorite tunes while playing in their backyards, hanging out in their family rooms or the backseat of the car while Mom is driving. And then there's little Kylee, a cowgirl-in-training from New Jersey.

This adorable little girl, dressed in boots and a classic cowboy hat, hopped on the stage and sang 'Someone Else Calling You Baby' with Luke Bryan at a show at the PNC Bank Arts Center in August.

Bryan only intended to share the mic with Kylee, but she single-handedly stole the show.

The 6-year-old sang, danced and pumped her fist while cradled in the superstar singer's arms! Kylee was quite the little ham, relishing every moment in the spotlight. She wasn't starstruck by Bryan, nor was she paralyzed with fear when all eyes were on her. In fact, the opposite happened. She came alive and behaved like a natural born entertainer.

Not only did Kylee capture Bryan and the Jersey crowd's attention -- her video has gone viral! Enjoy it again and again while you can ... she'll be a star someday.