Prolific songwriter Dallas Davidson is known for writing huge hits that fall under the category of 'bro-country,' but despite what traditionalist fans say, he denies that there's really been backlash against the growing trend. In fact, he predicts it'll keep selling records in country music.

'Country Girl (Shake It for Me)’ by Luke Bryan, 'All About Tonight' by Blake Shelton and Randy Houser's 'Runnin' Outta Moonlight' are just a few of the songs to come from Davidson's hand. Being that 'bro-country' has become such a fad, some critics predict it has to go out of style soon, but Davidson doesn't agree. He says he -- and others -- are writing what country fans in 2014 want to hear.

"We’re writing what people want to hear,” he tells Country Aircheck. “So what’s the backlash? More ticket sales? More money coming into Nashville? What’s wrong with that?"

Davidson joins other big songwriters during songwriting sessions and admits that some of them request they steer clear of the word "tailgate" in their writing -- an idea he finds absolutely absurd.

"I just look at ‘em and start laughing," he spills. "I’ll ask, ‘What are you driving? The tailgate on the back of it -- have you ever sat on it? Well, why can’t we sing about that? Don’t millions of country fans sit in parking lots on tailgates and drink a beer, getting ready for the show?"

Adds the songwriter, "But until they start making spaceships for us to drive, I’m gonna have a tailgate, and I’m probably gonna talk about it."

Davidson isn't the only one who feels bro-country is here to stay. Songwriter Craig Wiseman (who co-wrote Blake Shelton's ‘Boys ‘Round Here’ with Davidson) tells the story of some radio programmers who were discussing how they want no more of this music before a Florida Georgia Line show.

“They were saying, ‘We don’t want anymore country-rock, or this hip-hop, rapping stuff,’” Wiseman recalls. "And I was sitting across the table thinking, ‘You know your job better than I do, but the fact that we’re going to this show that sold out in seven minutes seems to be a pretty good indication of the pulse of your people.'"

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