Three of four coaches were fought to win the attention of 16-year-old country singer Danielle Bradbery on 'The Voice' on Monday night. The Cypress, Texas teen performed Taylor Swift's 'Mean,' a song that holds personal meaning for her. 

Before she performed, Bradbery shared how she was often picked on for having crooked teeth. The criticism pushed her to her bedroom, where she slowly began to find her singing voice. Her audition on 'The Voice' was the first major performance of her life -- one that impressed Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Usher. The teen beamed when Usher and Shelton turned quickly, and when Levine pushed his button, the country coach stood and told him to turn back around.

"You have an opportunity to be an artist that could speak to the world," Usher said, trying to convince the young country singer to look beyond what Shelton could offer. "Nashville is a state," he added before being mercilessly picked on for his gaff.

The R&B star also hinted that he could introduce the ultra-smiley Bradberry to Justin Bieber -- he did discover him, after all (a fact that was mentioned frequently on Monday night's season premiere). It wasn't enough. Team Blake added its second member after scoring the Morgan Twins to kick off the show.