This afternoon, Taste of Country caught up with 'American Idol' finalist and country singer Danny Gokey. You would think he's been watching every episode of ‘Idol’ this season, but it’s quite the opposite -- he hasn’t seen one yet. Gokey says that he just moved and his cable and DVR aren't hooked up yet, and plus, he missed last night's episode as he was at church.

"To be honest, I haven’t watched any episode. I'm kinda reading up on it," Gokey admits to us. When friends told him what he missed last night, Gokey went to YouTube to watch the heartfelt story of new contestant Chris Medina, whose fiancee underwent a traumatic accident and brain injury. It was then that Gokey decided to comment through his Twitter account, saying, "People hated me for sharing my story on 'Idol' and now I’m already seeing they're starting to bash Chris Medina for his. His story will help many!!"

"I really think people think the world revolves around them, and here's why: People think the show needs to only be about them and [needs to] entertain them," Gokey tells Taste of Country. "They will blame the producers, saying they are exploiting or taking advantage ... well, whether the producers are doing that or not, it's working out for the good 'cause there is someone out there who is watching it that is going through the same thing."

Gokey, of course, can relate to Medina's emotional story being publicized via 'Idol,' and he recalls his experience on the show a few years ago: "I remember people who wrote me to tell me they were going to commit suicide. Then they saw my story, and they were going to give God a second chance. God will work everything together for the good, so no matter how people interpret it, it's helping someone out."

As for the new judges this year, Gokey's hopeful that they'll bring "a fresh perspective" to the process.

"I only keep hearing positive feedback," the singer says. "I think the new judges were needed. I think people kinda got tired of seeing the same thing, and they kinda knew what to expect. They really took the limits off the show by bringing something totally brand new. I think it really is a reformatted, brand-new show -- the same kind of structure but a brand-new thought process."

Would he have any advice for new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez? "Just be yourselves," Gokey says. "If they try to be anything that they're not, people are going to know it's fake.”

Between Tyler's recent welcoming of the country genre and impressive country-voiced contestants like Paris Tassin and Scott McCreery, 'Idol' seems more open than ever before to country music -- and Gokey agrees: "I think they're finally starting to see that it's relevant. I think they're starting to see a shift because just like every genre, country music is undergoing a change. When people get too stuck in a box. that's when they don't want to be a part of it.”

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