Missouri singer-songwriter and Grammy-nominated artist David Nail (currently up for Best Male Vocal Country Performance for 'Turning Home') has much to look forward to in the coming weeks -- not only the prestigious awards show, but he'll be touring and getting feedback from his fans as new single 'Let It Rain' pours onto the airwaves. The track was co-written by Nail and previous collaborator Jon Singleton, who penned Nail’s first single, 'Red Light,' and offers his voice one of his best arrangements yet.

"He came in with the little groove that you hear at the front," Nail tells Taste of Country of Singleton. "He’s a phenomenal guitar player besides being a great singer and writer. I was hoping that he’d bring some kind of feel, some sort of groove.”

Though the song has a warm, mid-tempo pace with swanky electric guitar bumps and twangs, when broken down, it’s the story of a man whose infidelity is killing him -- he wants to experience all the pain necessary to cope with his mistake. The various guitars on the recording glisten throughout the song, providing a moment of hope and renewal while others cry, and leading up to the arresting chorus:

"Let it rain / Let it pour / She don't love me anymore / Let it come down on me / Every word / Let it hurt / Even more than I deserve / Let it come down on me / Let it rain."

Of the difficult subject matter of the song, Nail says, "It’s somewhat awkward. I just started singing it live on the road, and being married for just a few years, you know, I just felt like there was something powerful about this guy saying, 'You know what? I messed up and I’m willing to suffer whatever consequences to pay for my sins and pay for my mistakes.'"

Producers Chuck Ainlay and frequent collaborator Frank Liddell further color the song with rich instrumentation, shining the spotlight on Nail’s sweet yet painful vocals as well as highlighting it with memorable backups by Sarah Buxton. Though country in its instrumentation and execution, 'Let It Rain' has many modern guitar qualities that may bring to mind several John Mayer records.

Listen to David Nail, 'Let It Rain'