David Nail and his wife, Catherine, are expecting their third child, a baby girl.

The country star revealed the news with a subtle Instagram caption, alongside a photo of the couple's 4-year-old twins, Lillian and Lawson, holding hands and spinning around in a circle.

"I hope he looks at his little sister like he looks at his twin sister ..." Nail hints in the photo description, leading several fans to leave celebratory comments.

Catherine also shared the news on her own Instagram page, offering a gender reveal video that shows her in the backyard with the twins as Nail fires off a confetti gun that sends a pink burst of paper into the air.

Catherine gave birth to the couple's twins in December 2015 — she underwent In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) when the couple had trouble conceiving.

The Nails discussed the challenges they faced trying to have children in Nail's 2016 YouTube show called the Fighter Series. During one of the episodes, Nail revealed that they got the news of his infertility issues around the time he was diagnosed with depression.

"It was impossible not to kind of wonder is this just in the cards for us," he admitted at the time. Catherine also explained that while the procedure was painful, "it's so worth it, and I would do it 10 times again to get what we have now."

Nail released his latest EP, Oh, Mother, in 2019. In an interview with Taste of Country, the singer says he is working on new music that he believes will show fans who he truly is.

"There's so many songs that I've recorded that I feel like there's people that haven't heard them that need to hear them. I feel like there's people out there that don't know who David Nail is, that need to," he says.

The couple did not announce when the baby girl is due.

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