While most of us are preparing for the holidays, a select few are concerned that on Friday, December 21, Mayan prophecies will come true and the world will end. Even Merle Haggard is trying to figure out what to do with his stock portfolio in light of the potential apocalypse.

Nearly 40 years ago, the Hag wrote a tune called 'If We Make it Through December.' And in a recent interview with the Village Voice, Haggard admitted that the end of the world is on his mind quite a bit this year.

"I think everybody has December 21 on the back of their minds and hoping that everybody's wrong," he observes about the Mayan end-times prediction. "I'm trying not to think about it."

But trying not to think about it isn't completely working. Haggard is wondering what to do with his stock portfolio.

"I got a lot of money in the stock market, and I'm trying to figure out whether to sell or wait until the 21st. If something doesn't happen, the stock market has got to go up, and it's got to go down before that. That's what I'm mainly watching, trying to be the head of the family here. I don't want to wake up on December 22 and have done the wrong thing."

The 'Jackson' hitmaker doesn't exactly seem like the kind of guy who would think about the Mayan apocalypse, but if what he says is true, then everyone is a little worried about the end of the world. But it sounds like the Hag is prepared no matter what happens.

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