George Jones knew it was his final concert. Daryle Singletary didn't, but that only makes the song he chose to end the night even more chilling.

After Merle Haggard died, there was a great story about how Toby Keith helped him leave the stage with "his dignity intact." The problem was, it wasn't true. Keith was not there for the Hag's final show, and neither was the man who fooled us into thinking he was.

Actually, that guy — actor W. Earl Brown — wasn't even at the show where Keith actually did help Haggard finish. He'd just heard about it.

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Taste of Country dug up a review of what prove to be Haggard's final concert and discovered there was a beautiful moment worth as much attention as the Toby Keith hero story. That's one of six final concert memories shared in the video above (and in pictures below).

John Denver's last performance, Johnny Cash's final song and Waylon Jennings made-for-TV swan song are also included in this bittersweet vid.

The Singletary performance is our favorite. If you're familiar with Johnny Paycheck's "Old Violin," you know where he left it. If you're not, keep watching.

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