Devin Dawson has a lot of respect for country megastar Sam Hunt.

The RISERS act tells Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex that he really admires the "Body Like a Back Road" star and his business model of taking his time when putting out new music.

"His artistry is so unique and so confident. I always talk about how he put out one song in 2017 — it was the biggest country song of the year, went to No. 6 on the pop charts just because it was so popular," Dawson says, marveling at the thought. "[He] toured the entire year on one song, didn't put out another song until another year and a half, now it's 'Downtown's Dead.' It's crazy."

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The "All on Me" singer appreciates the way Hunt doesn't follow the standard business model when creating his music, releasing it on his own schedule as opposed to following set trends. Dawson hopes to find unique ways to share his own music with fans in between album releases.

"It's cool to see artists doing what makes sense for them. We're in this time where everyone is consuming so much music and you have so much access, and I think the key is to release based on what's right for you and what's right for your fans," he says. Though Dawson has never worked with Hunt, he's admired what he's heard about the "House Party" singer's process through mutual acquaintances.

"He doesn't rush it and does it when it's right, and I respect that," Dawson furthers. "Being in a position where you can do that is always nice. For him it works, and it's obviously working really well. It's inspiring."

Dawson has made a powerful impression on the country music industry, too, with his debut album, Dark Horse. Like its predecessor "All on Me," the album's second single, "Asking for a Friend," shows his pure songwriting ability. He'll perform as part of 2018 ToC Fest on June 8 in Hunter Mountain, N.Y.

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