Dierks Bentley has rising star Jon Pardi in tow for his What the Hell World Tour, and together, they make a great team. The two recently pulled off a cover of George Strait’s “All My Exes Live in Texas” while on the road Feb. 6, but before the song began, fans were also treated to some old-fashioned hazing.

Bentley revealed to the audience that before he was a country singer, Pardi dipped his toe in the modeling world. As if that weren’t enough, Bentley had at the ready a cardboard cut-out of a shirtless Pardi from his modeling days, which was brought out on stage for everyone to see. After poking fun at Pardi’s abs and decorating him with a pink sash from the audience, Bentley got down to business.

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“One of our biggest heroes is George Strait,” he said, as Pardi kicked over the cutout.

“Don’t disrespect your past, man!” Bentley responded before standing the faux-Pardi back up and turning it toward the band instead.

The two soon launched into their cover, to which, of course, the audience sang every word. Bentley and Pardi traded lines throughout the song, save for the instrumental break, in which Bentley took the opportunity to dance with Pardi’s cutout.

Check out the full performance — and Pardi’s pecs — in the video above.

The What the Hell World Tour was recently extended and now wraps in August. Pardi is also joining Faith Hill and Tim McGraw on their Soul2Soul tour later this year.

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