Drew Jacobs loves country women, and he doesn't care who knows it. The newcomer's feel-good "If She Ain't Country" video — premiering exclusively on Taste of Country — has Jacobs and his band at the barn, putting on a show for a group of country girls so big, even Luke Bryan will be jealous.

It's three minutes of fun that starts when some city girls offer Jacobs a ride. He politely passes on that offer, admitting that he "don't pay no mind if she ain't country."

"If she don't do Daisy Dukes / If she can't rock cowboy boots / I know she ain't the one for me / If she ain't country," he sings in the chorus.

Then, it's time to get to the show, where he finds a room full of ladies rocking Daisy Dukes, dancing around hay bales while he performs. Yeah, that's more his speed. The camera pans to a cornfield where more women are showing off their short shorts, twerking to the Michigan native's unique blend of country, rock and hip-hop.

Jacobs sets his sights on one woman in particular — who can blame him after seeing her seductively wash down a truck after a day spent mudding?

"If She Ain't Country" is every country cliche imaginable in the best kind of way. It's infectious, and brings to mind Jason Aldean's hit "She's Country" from 2008, reinvented for a 2018 country fan.

With slick production, a roaring bass line and beats that will put boots on the dance floor, Jacobs carves out his own musical lane. He may have dropped out of college (four credits shy!), but his pursuit of country stardom is paying off. Jacobs' 2017 debut album Got Me Like Whoa debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes country chart. "If She Ain't Country" is his latest single.

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