Dylan Scott's voice bear hugs you during "My Girl" and many of the songs on his self-titled debut album. Even when he's being soft and sweet, the Louisiana native is a commanding presence.

Lyrically, Scott is often soft and sweet. "My Girl" is a love song that finds him bragging on a girlfriend. His descriptions are vivid, personal and specific. In just two short verses and a repeated chorus we learn this girl has diverse musical tastes, probably wants kids, loves him and Jesus and is likely good looking. Okay, this last point is assumed, but who sings about ugly girls?

What's charming is this self-described man's man sharing of his tender side. He's a bear with a bouquet of roses, and he's not necessarily smooth. In fact, his overtures are a little heavy-handed, but that describes most men. "My Girl" is a relatable country hook that's easy to sing along with.

Did You Know?: "My Girl" was written about a girlfriend, whom Scott went on to marry.

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Dylan Scott's "My Girl" Lyrics:

"She looks so pretty with no makeup on / You should hear her talkin' to her momma on phone / I love it when she raps to an Eminem song / That's my girl."

"Man her eyes really drive me crazy / You should see her smile when she holds a baby / I can honestly say that she saved me / My girl, yeah."

"Yeah that's my girl in the passenger seat / Windows down dancing around causin' a scene / That's my girl sippin' crown and sprite / In a ball cap turned back, ooh she got me like / Yeah baby girl you gone and done it again / Makin' all the guys wish you were with them / But I bet they don't see what I see when I see my girl."

"Every night before she goes to bed / She hits her knees and bows her head / Thanks the Lord for another day / I just thank him for my girl."

In my truck, in the songs that I sing with the radio up (my girl) / In my heart, in my soul, in the air that I breathe every day (that's my girl) / Yeah everything (my girl) / Yeah that's my girl."

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