Don't even try to take Earl Dibbles Jr.'s guns. Granger Smith's alter ego stands up for the second amendment no matter what, so when two city boys try to confiscate his rifle in the "Don't Tread on Me" video," he does everything he can to protect himself.

The clip opens with Dibbles outside, living off the land and hunting down his next meal. Elsewhere we see those pesky city boys, eating their store-bought vegan sandwiches as they hunt down the country boy.

"They from the city tryin' to take my rifle / But there's something that he needs to understand / Second Amendment is only second to the Bible / He'll have to pull it out of my dead heads," Dibbles insists in "Don't Tread on Me."

The city men then trespass onto Dibbles' land, packing up the evidence they need before celebrating their victory — they've found where he lives! Not so fast, though. Dibbles is well aware of their scheme and returns, gun in hand. As the city men try to run for cover, Dibbles approaches. Instead of shooting at them, he takes a can of his Yee Yee Energy drink, throws it in the air and fires. Then, he teaches them to do the same.

It's not long before Dibbles is able to bring them into his world. He offers up some spare pairs of overalls and Yee Yee hats and they pose for selfies together. While he may not have changed the world's views on guns in his video, Dibbles brought a new perspective to two city folk.

And no one got shot.

Earl Dibbles Jr. Says What Granger Smith Can't

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