Eli Young Band's latest single, 'Say Goodnight,' is a pretty serious love ballad. The twangy tune is all about wanting to ignore your daily to-do list, draw the shades and spend some time with that special someone in your life. But EYB's 'Say Goodnight' video isn't quite as somber as the song suggests.

Viewers are tuned in early in the video that it's not exactly a serious portrayal of the song. The clip starts with a young girl just driving down the road when she hits a robot that's walking down the street. She revives him, and he immediately catcalls at her. Cue the sappy love music.

The 'Say Goodnight' video has all of the things you can expect out of a country music clip: a love story, hand-holding, kissing, etc. But in this tongue-and-cheek clip, the two stars of the song are a girl... and her robot.

In fact, they take the girl/robot love story so far that there's a shot of her kissing the bot before bed and powering him down. But before he turns off for the night, a screen on his chest flashes the words "say goodnight" and an image of a heart pops up.

Of course, a relationship between a woman and a robot can only last so long. That much is obvious (we hope). By the end of 'Say Goodnight,' a UFO has returned to take back their bot -- but not before he gets a goodbye kiss from his lady friend.

It's not the most conventional video we've seen lately (or maybe ever), but props to EYB for thinking outside the box.

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