Shortly after being named the runner-up on Season 9 of The Voice, Emily Ann Roberts found herself thrust into a world very far from her Knoxville, Tenn., upbringing.

"There was makeup and outfits and industry events where I just never felt like I fit in,” she admits to Taste of Country. "All of a sudden, I had to put on my pretty face all of the time.”

And while she's learned to love the shiny side of her budding country music career in the years since The Voice, Roberts says that her true, authentic self will always be one running through the fields of Tennessee, with no eyeliner to cloud her vision.

This is the version of her you'll see in her carefree new "Wild" music video, which is premiering exclusively on Taste of Country.

“This video really reflects the two sides of myself,” Roberts says. “I think people are starving for something real these days. Everything is so plastic. I love that this video shows that sometimes, everyone needs to just be carefree for awhile and be their true self.”

Filmed just outside of Nashville, the video showcases Roberts essentially living two lives. One life is self-proclaimed "hoity-toity" — one where she is seen having a fancy dinner in a sprawling mansion, wearing the perfect dress and with not a hair out of place. The other shows Roberts at her core, as the girl who has turned into a woman right before our eyes, who is herself when she’s up in the mountains or down in the valley or sometimes, even just baiting a hook on a fishing trip with her longtime boyfriend.

“I don’t have to be anyone but Emily when I am with him,” says the singer, who began dating her boyfriend Chris before her time on The Voice. “With him, I can get back to the things that mean the most to me. I could not have gotten through everything since The Voice without him. He loves me just the way I am." Right now, he’s loving seeing his best girl shine.

In July, Roberts released her Someday Dream EP, and it immediately landed on two Billboard album charts. She also returned to the set of The Voice to perform the title track of the EP in front of her former coach, Blake Shelton. Now, the irresistible country traditionalist says that she hopes the release of "Wild" will help her continue her journey toward country music stardom.

“I feel like this song is just ... me,” she says. “It’s my way of talking about what means the most to me. So much is filtered these days. I want my fans to see me as authentic and real … and in a way, just like them."

Roberts is already hard at work on recording her second EP.

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