Earlier this month, severe weather in Buffalo, N.Y. rained on Eric Church fans who were preparing to see the 'Springsteen' hitmaker perform live at the Taste of Country 2012 concert. Unfortunately, heavy wind, rain and hail kept Church from coming on stage and playing as planned. Not wanting to disappoint his supporters, Church promised that he'd make up the date.

This morning (June 14) Church and radio station WYRK announced they are ready to make good on that promise. The makeup show is set for June 28 and, of course, it will be free for all Taste of Country 2012 concert ticketholders. Unfortunately, no new tickets will be sold for this event. The good news is, two new artists, JT Hodges and Buffalo’s own Maddie Larkin, have been added to the bill to give concertgoers even more country music.

Church was scheduled to play the show following Casey James, Dustin Lynch, Eli Young Band and Joe Nichols, but by the time the country star was to take the stage, weather conditions were terrible. Church was just as bummed out as the 24,000 audience members screaming his name, though.

“I’m very bummed the show got canceled tonight. I’ve learned in doing this, that some things are out of your hands and this is one of those things,” the singer told WYRK following the event. “I owe the city of Buffalo one, and I intend to make good on that."

If you have questions about your ticket, your seats or anything else that comes to mind, listen to WYRK, or check out this FAQ post.

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