The fans demanded it. After several months of performing "House of the Rising Sun" live, Taste of Country RISERS Farewell Angelina have cut a studio version of the track.

The new version adds percussion, slide guitar and a beefed-up rhythm section, but stays true to the version the group cut for the RISERS video shoot in February 2017. There Nicole Witt, Lauren Lucas, Lisa Torres and Andrea Young first recorded a song they'd only picked up days before. As the sun was rising they took two passes to film the version seen above — it was a hair-raising moment and a sign of a great year to come for these women.

Farewell Angelina are friends before being bandmates. The group traveled the country in an SUV together this summer, patiently passing from festival to festival and taking turns driving, sleeping and telling stories.

"I think all of us are the leader of the band at some point or another," Lucas tells Taste of Country. "We all have our strengths and our moments where we step up to the plate. It reminds me of two weeks ago — and this is so typical of Nicole and me, like ten minutes before we're about to go onstage, we decide to change clothes and then it ruins everything we've planned about as a band."

Expect big things in 2018, including new music and a return to the road as a foursome after Torres delivered her first baby in October. Spring dates are already filling their touring schedule, which will include a quick trip to Europe in March. "House of the Rising Sun" is now available at iTunes.

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