Farewell Angelina are creating a buzz about their new single — literally. The all-female country quartet have launched a new video series called Wednesday Wine Buzz to promote their new single, "Women and Wine."

The quartet have experienced a rush of success over the past several years, including opening slots for Kenny Chesney, Old Dominion, Frankie Ballard, Jake Owen, Billy Currington, Trace Adkins and more, most recently playing a series of shows with the Bacon Brothers. Their fan base is so zealous that their fans voted Farewell Angelina into the fan-appointed Hot Seat spot in Taste of Country's inaugural 2017 RISERS program alongside Brett Young, Runaway June and more.

Farewell Angelina released their most recent single, "Woman and Wine," in November. The group consisting of Nicole Witt, Lisa Torres, Andrea Young and newcomer Ashley Gearing are promoting the new song in a new video series, and in the second episode — which debuts above exclusively via Taste of Country — they play a fun game called Angelinas Most Likely To. The categories include Angelina Most Likely to Skydive, Oversleep and Wear Mismatched Shoes, but the most interesting category is Angelina Most Likely to Get Arrested.

That category goes to violinist and singer Andrea Young, who accepts the verdict of her peers with an innocent-looking "Who, me?" smile and a huge swig of wine in the video above.

Farewell Angelina are set to release a new EP titled Woman and Wine in January of 2019.

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