Florida Georgia Line and Hardy's "Y'all Boys" lyrics celebrate boys living that country lifestyle.

The song will be featured on the duo's upcoming album Can't Say I Ain't Country, releasing Friday, Feb. 15. In celebration of the song, the duo released a lyric video with visual components — a compilation of clips of the duo dirt biking, fishing, enjoying a beach day and playing a show.

The "Y'all Boys" lyrics even mention undeniable country legends George Strait and Alan Jackson, referring to them by first name on the assumption everyone knows who they're talking about — country boys will.

Hardy will be opening for Florida Georgia Line on their Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour this summer along with support from Dan + Shay, Canaan Smith, and Morgan Wallen. Hopefully, the duo will sing this collaboration with Hardy on the road as well as their collaboration on "Up Down" with Wallen.

Florida Georgia Line ft. Hardy's "Y'all Boys" Lyrics:

Well there's those boys got the kind of ride get 55 to the gallon / They listen to that new school / Never heard of George or Alan / There's those boys wear the kind of boots you ain't supposed to get muddy / Ain't got a dog that lives outside / Ain't got a buddy named Buddy / Yeah I ain't hatin' on them boys grew up lockin' their doors / There's all kinds of boys up under the sun, son / But this one's for

Y'all boys with that Southern drawl boys, hell before ya naw rollin' off just right / Man that town is small boys but you have a ball boys / Homemade alcohol on a Saturday night / Truck's stuck, who you gon' call / Pretty girl who you gon' fall for, one of them back road runners / Man I'm glad I'm one of y'all boys. 

There's those girls that like gold and pearls dippin' in to trust fund money / Yeah their radio and their and their Jack and Coke is the only thing they know country / Didn't grow up on no county road they grew up on some street / They think they know what kind of man they want until they meet

Repeat Chorus

State trophy in the hall boys / Hangin' somethin' that you hunted on the wall boys / You mess with one of us you get us all boys / Yeah all of ...

Repeat Chorus

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