Florida Georgia Line hit the road to do the obvious -- cruise! -- with St. Louis rapper Nelly in the video for the urban-flecked remix of the duo's smash hit 'Cruise.'

If you're looking for surprises, well, you'll have to go elsewhere -- you won't find any here. But then again, you don't want any jolts or unexpected moments. 'Cruise' is a fast, fun song that invites plenty of dancing along and a little acceleration when it comes to the gas pedal. This remix and its video embody that spirit.

Pretty much whatever you think will happen in this video ... does! A caravan of fast cars, having their way with dusty, deserted roads? Check. A bevy of chicks, each one more beautiful than the next? Check. FGL's Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard making goofy faces while dancing to their infectious song? Check. Nelly dropping verses and getting frisky with a sexy female cop who pulls his ride over? Check. It's all there.

The 'Cruise' remix video takes us from daylight dirt racing to dancing at night with the ladies. It celebrates the pursuit of a good time and how getting their fast is mission critical, so you can further enjoy the festivities.

Sonically, 'Cruise' redux is a little different -- more autotune and the addition of a hip-hopper -- but the accompanying visuals are quite similar to the original clip.

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