Florida Georgia Line tweak a key lyric of their new single 'Sun Daze' to make it radio friendly, but the groovy, mid-tempo cut from 'Anything Goes' still takes the edge off.

The marijuana-friendly country duo barely mask their favorite weekend activity by changing "get stoned" to "stay home" in the chorus. The pot anthem is sure to cut through the smoke to find country fans hungry for a new groove to snack on.

"And all I wanna do is lace my Js and lace some Jack in my Coke / Work on my laid-back, ain't nothin' wrong / With gettin' my sun daze on, gettin' my sun daze on," Tyler Hubbard sings to close the chorus.

The FGL boys penned this song with Cary Barlowe, Jesse Frasure and Sarah Buxton. It's remarkable for being so smoke-friendly, but the nifty whistle and sliding banjo solo toward the end are what make the track truly enjoyable. Credit Joey Moi with turning a lazy melody into something fans will work to hear.

"Girl you know you're the life of my party / You can stay and keep sippin' Bacardi / Stir it up as we turn on some Marley / If you want you can pet on Harley," FGL sings during the second verse.

'Here's to the Good Times' was packed full of party songs, but none were quite like 'Sun Daze.' In backing off the throttle, Hubbard and Brian Kelley have created a jam smart enough to slip past the censors at country radio.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's a catchy groove and fun lyric. Even the sharpest of squares will have a tough time keeping that whistle out of their heads.

Key Lyrics: "All I wanna do today is wear my favorite shades and get stoned (stay home) / Work a little less, play a little more, that's what this day is for"

Did You Know?: In the second verse of 'Sun Daze,' Hubbard says "If you want, you can pet on my Harley." That's likely a reference to his dog, a golden retriever named Harley. Here's our favorite pic from the pup's Instagram page.

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