Foy Vance is getting ready to release an album that's steeped in soul music, and he's sharing an exclusive acoustic performance of one of the songs, "Pain Never Hurt Me Like Love," with Taste of Country readers.

Vance is releasing a new album titled From Muscle Shoals on June 28. Vance co-produced the project with Ben Tanner and recorded the tracks at the legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Ala. The new recordings feature two of the legendary Swampers house band; Spooner Oldham played keyboards and David Hood played bass on many of the iconic songs that came out of Muscle Shoals in the '60s and '70s, and they joined Vance on the new album.

The project was inspired by Vance going through some old demos as he was trying to decide on what to do next. He came across some songs he had labeled "Soul" and "Americana," which inspired two completely different albums. The soul songs provided the basis for From Muscle Shoals, and Vance will release the Americana songs under the title To Memphis in September. He recorded those songs at Sam Phillips Recordings Studios in Memphis.

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Click above to hear Vance's haunting, stripped-down performance of "Pain Never Hurt Me Like Love," which definitely mines a genuine soul feel. The Irish singer-songwriter keeps the guitar parts simple and the focus on his voice as he delivers the plaintive ballad in a sparse, aching arrangement.

"I had to stop falling in love / 'Cause all that I got was never enough / And I found, baby, when push comes to shove / Pain never hurt me like love did / Pain never hurt me like love," he laments.

"'Pain Never Hurt Me Like Love' was another one of those songs that had been around for years and was played live a lot but I never recorded," Vance tells us. "When I was in the studio working on it with the same Spooner Oldham at the same instrument where he came up with riffs that inspired the likes of Aretha Franklin, it felt good to be giving it a home.”

From Muscle Shoals is currently available for pre-order via a variety of digital music retailers.

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