Frankie Ballard is sharing the studio life with fans in his new music video for "It All Started With a Beer."

The first song off his upcoming sophomore album, due out later this year, "It All Started With a Beer" is a nostalgic song that has Ballard looking back at the start of a relationship.

The video itself shows Ballard in the studio with friends. In between taking sips of a beer, he's taking photos and recording the song.

"I called up some buddies, had a few beers, and shot some cool studio moments," he says in a press release describing the video. "I wanted people to see us playing the song. This new album is all about the music, so I thought, let's show that!"

Dressed in a white T-shirt that shows off his tattoos and a red bandana scarf, Ballard is first shown at the microphone tracking vocals for "It All Started With a Beer" in the studio. In between shots of him, his bandmates are seen playing guitar in the background and hanging on the couch sharing a beer before they head outdoors for a bonfire.

"It All Started With A Beer" is the first single off Ballard's forthcoming sophomore album, El Rio, which is due out in June. The song was written by the Cadillac Three's Jaren Johnston and Neil Mason with Jeremy Stover.

Ballard's debut album was Sunshine & Whiskey, which included three consecutive No. 1 singles; “Sunshine & Whiskey,” “Helluva Life” and “Young & Crazy.”

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