Frankie Ballard's new wife has a lot to do with why he chose a cover of Bob Seger's "You'll Accomp'ny Me" as his new single.

Ballard married Christina Murphy in March of 2017. "It was Chrissy and I's song," Ballard tells Taste of Country about why he wanted to record "You'll Accomp'ny Me."

"We both felt like, and especially in the long distance days, the time was going to be right when this could all happen and we could finally be together and shout it from the mountaintops."

In addition to the connection with his wife, the song is also special to Ballard due to his admiration for Seger, who he says has given him "tons of musical inspiration" since childhood. The legendary rocker actually took Ballard on tour with him in 2012, which the country singer says was "at a time when I really needed something like that."

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"It's a tribute to all that stuff that Bob has given me and another chance for another generation to hear a great song, a courageous song, done a new way," Ballard says of releasing the song as a single.

While honoring the original song, Ballard adds his own style to the track, replacing the piano production with electric guitar and eliminating the background vocals as a way to add "horsepower" to his arrangement and "put some muscle into it."

"That was very difficult," he says of adding his own flair while trying to honor the original version. "Because I wanted to pay tribute, but not insult what I thought was already a great song."

In addition to spicing up the arrangement, Ballard also changed the lyric "lady" to "baby."

"For some reason, whenever I would sing the song, I would always sing 'someday baby,' it just felt right to me," he says. The country star also commends Seger's talent of blending his rock and roll style with the storytelling of country music. "It's very similar to what I do, so I thought that this was also a good way to show that off," Ballard says.

"You'll Accomp'ny Me" is the third single off Ballard's latest album, El Rio. 

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