Garth Brooks had a great year on the road in 2015, but he admits he's a little rusty when it comes to writing news songs. In a letter to fans on Thursday (March 10), the country music icon shed some light on what's happening with his new music, explaining that he'll be postponing the release of his new music as he attempts to sharpen his writing muscle.

"First of all, I can NEVER thank you enough for making 2015 the busiest year of our career, yet! What a blast that was ... it seemed it went by in a blink," he writes on Facebook, adding, "The tour has shattered expectations and has put a serious kink in our scheduling (and I am NOT complaining!)."

Brooks expanded on the "serious kink" to explain why new music has yet to be released:

In the fifteen months we have been touring, we have been fortunate to have seen a lot of faces and heard a lot of voices. When it comes to the new music, the one thing I keep hearing over and over is, “Where is the garth stuff?” I made the statement that when we came back on the road and into the studio, I was not confident in my own writing…it is a muscle and if you don’t use it, you just can’t turn it back on again…it takes time…but I DID hear you. And because of that, teamed with the touring schedule, I am asking a huge favor from you, I am postponing the release of the new studio record…I ask for your patience as I explore the writing again. I have been at it for over four months now, enjoying the challenge and enjoying the studio more because of it. This new album will be the most Garth thing I have ever done… whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, you will decide.

Brooks furthers that he wants to invite fans into the record making process, taking them behind the scenes via Facebook Live, where he will physically show his progress and "pull back the curtain."

"I really hope you are going to like this journey with me. Who knows? 2016 could be the best year, yet?" Brooks adds. "When it is over, I sincerely pray I look on the year and can say, 'Miss Yearwood and the girls are healthy.' For as you know, your family’s health is truly all that matters. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2016."

Brooks' last album was 2014's Man Against Machine. He continues adding dates to his Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood throughout 2016.

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