In the true spirit of country music and giving back, Garth Brooks sent an exciting surprise to a fan who missed one of his recent shows.

According to Nashville's NewsChannel 5, Jake Stroud was on his way to his first Brooks' show in Memphis, Tenn., in February of 2017 when he crashed his pickup truck in a bad car accident that left him trapped under the truck after it flipped over on the road. The frightening incident kept Stroud in the hospital and unable to attend the concert. But his friends came together and started a social media campaign encouraging the country superstar to visit his fan in the hospital.

Much to Stroud's surprise, Brooks caught wind of his friends' efforts and sent him a care package filled with a variety of paraphernalia, including autographed clothing items and CDs.

"I was just shocked at as many things as he sent me," Stroud says. "He didn't have to do anything for me. I was just going to his concert. Shows what kind of person he is."

This isn't the first time a country legend has granted a wish for a fan. George Strait recently met with Chase Pair, a 15-year-old from Little Rock, Ark., who is in the process of going deaf due to a birth defect. It was his dream to meet the star before permanently losing his hearing — a wish that came true after his mom wrote a letter to Strait and his team, asking if they could arrange a meet and greet. The wish was granted on Saturday (April 8) after they were flown to Las Vegas for Strait's 2 Nights of No. 1s  and had the chance to meet him before the show.

Brooks remains on his multi-year World Tour with wife Trisha Yearwood. He has yet to announce an end date.

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