Garth Brooks is learning the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished. The Oklahoma native is set to appear in a courtroom in Rogers County today (Jan. 17) to face an aging lawsuit over a donation he made to a local hospital. The long-lingering suit is finally going to trial with jury selection scheduled to take place in the early part of the afternoon.

According to News on 6, Brooks made a $500,000 donation to the Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital, which is located in his hometown of Yukon, in 2008. Brooks has claimed that the hospital actually courted a donation from him by promising to construct a new wing of the facility and name it after his mother.

Fast forward a few years, and there's still no wing named after Ma Brooks. In fact, the hospital let the famed singer know that there will be no wing honoring his mother at all and that it would be dispersing the funds to other projects.

The hospital also claimed that the money was a gift that was both "anonymous and unconditional" and that Brooks tried to add conditions long after making the donation.

Sounds like a case of "He said, hospital said."

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