Garth Brooks is gearing up for a tour that he says will be the biggest thing he's ever done in his career, and now he's revealed the new song he'll use to open the show.

In an interview on the Bobby Bones Show on Friday morning (June 15), Brooks revealed he's been "living in the studio" for the past six months, taking frequent writing appointments and working hard on new music. One of his recent collaborators is Randall King, an up-and-coming artist and songwriter.

They wrote a song together called "The Road I'm On" that Brooks says will "be the opening song for the tour. It's just one of those songs that's all about appreciation. It describes the tour really well."

Brooks is set to reveal the title of his new single on Monday (June 18) during his weekly Inside Studio G broadcast, and he will premiere the song on Bones' show the following morning. He called it "a damn good honky-tonk song" during a Q&A session at the 2018 CMA Music Festival, likening it to past hits including "Two of a Kind (Workin' on a Full House)" "Ain't Goin' Down (Til the Sun Comes Up)" and "Callin' Baton Rouge."

"If you want Garth Brooks music, it's exactly what you're looking for," he tells Bones

Brooks will announce the details of his upcoming tour on July 9. He is widely expected to reveal a slate of tour dates that will take him all over the world.

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