Garth Brooks didn't chicken out — he played a new song called "Whiskey to Wine" during his historic set at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium on Thursday night (Sept. 8). Trisha Yearwood joined him for the song, which he was very nervous to reveal.

Prior to the show, Brooks joked that he reserved the right to chicken out, but after his wife joined him for "In Another's Eyes," there were nothing but good vibes inside the hallowed venue. So, he went for it — and the crowd loved it.

The song will be included on Brooks' upcoming studio album, which he says will be released in the fall. “It’s a love song like you’ve never heard,” he told Taste of Country before the show. “It’s really from left field.”

The traditional duet is a ballad that describes two lovers looking back after both have moved on to someone else. Their new romances are less satisfying, but they know reuniting would be caustic.

“It’s gonna be in tribute to some of the greatest duets out there," Brooks says. "And you have to talk about (Tammy) Wynette and (George) Jones, you have to talk about Loretta Lynn and Conway (Twitty). So I’m excited about it.”

It's hardly unusual for Yearwood to be included on a Garth Brooks record. The singer estimates that his wife has been an art of over half of his recorded songs to date.

"It's not a Garth Brooks show without Trisha Yearwood," he insists. "It's not a Garth Brooks career without Trisha Yearwood."

At the Ryman, the two also came together for "Walkaway Joe," Yearwood's hit from 1992. To say Brooks was excited to be sharing a stage — this stage — with his wife would be an understatement.

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