Garth Brooks is looking for friends in new places. The county legend has (finally!) joined social media, opening official accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Brooks' hugely anticipated new album, 'Man Against Machine,' is now available, and he also recently made his music available digitally for the first time via GhostTunes and his website, where the new project is available for download.

The superstar has been a reluctant participant in the digital revolution, which he admits in an introductory video on his new Facebook page.

"I really wasn't sure about this at the start," he says. "But then a friend of mine said something that just made all kinds of sense. She said, 'Think of it more as a conversation.' I like that."

Brooks hopes he'll be able to share some unique things with his fans.

"I want to post cool stuff," he says. "Slick stuff, neat stuff. But most of the stuff I'm gonna post is gonna be raw stuff like this, 'cause it's just who I am. So if this is truly a conversation, then I say let the conversation begin."

Fans can help to welcome Brooks to social media using the hashtags #WelcomeGarth and/or #FriendsinNewPlaces.

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