George Strait's new single 'I Got a Car' is another easy love story, just as he's done dozens of times before. It's a circle-of-life adventure revolving around a car, presumably the same car in each verse. Expect nothing out of the ordinary from this track from the 'Love Is Everything' album.

Little details step out during the Tony Douglas and Keith Gattis-written track. Without much effort, the singer applies a certain confidence and sassiness to his leading man and woman. "But I rolled up my sleeves, walked up and I said / Hey, I know I don’t know ya but I’d kinda like a shot / She said, I saw you comin’ over, I already thought it over / And ok, so now what," Strait sings to close the first verse.

His car becomes their secret fort, or a place to go to reveal secrets and share intimate moments. As the story progresses, they get married and make a baby. A Strait-esque melody rolls along at a pace that's not too fast and not too slow.

The final chorus goes: "And her eyes teared up as she said, what are we gonna do now / And I said, well, I got a car, she said, there’s something / You think it’ll start, I said, it’s already running / Got your things in the back and I’m ready when you are / She said, are you sure it’ll get us where we’re goin’ / I said, if there’s one thing I know girl, it’s gotten us this far."

Tony Brown keeps the production simple. A banjo stands out after the bridge, and a few electric guitar notes spice up an otherwise traditional arrangement. The song swells as Strait sings his most important lines, and at that moment, the roles established early in the song switch places.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's George Strait being George Strait.

Key Lyrics: "And I said, well I got a car, she said, there’s something / At least it’s a start, I said, it’s better than nothing / I ain’t in no hurry but I’m ready when you are"

Did You Know?: Strait's previous single 'I Believe' was critically praised and adored by fans, but became the worst charting of his career. The ballad was inspired by the Newtown, Conn. shootings.

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