A new social media craze known as the Mannequin Challenge is taking over the likes of Facebook and Instagram, and many of country's most recognizable names are getting in on the fun, including the Grand Ole Opry.

Just before the curtain rises in the clip above, a camera pans the backstage area of the Opry, showing the bustle of activity that takes place just before the show. A vintage photo of Opry star Minnie Pearl can be seen as the camera rolls into one of the dressing rooms to show a frozen Marty Stuart, along with purple-clad band members. Two girls excitedly take a selfie with a familiar face as band members stand frozen with their instruments, ready to take the stage. "Humble and Kind" songwriter Lori McKenna poses at the mic with guitar in hand while others get their makeup done before the big show.

The Opry follows in the footsteps of country stars Kelly Clarkson and Garth Brooks, who recently completed the challenge. Clarkson posted a video on Wednesday (Nov. 16) of herself in the studio, paused in the middle of belting out a big note at the microphone. Brooks took the game to a whole new level where in the middle of one of his electrifying live shows, the curtain pulled back to show his cast and crew motionless as they stand in position. As the camera pans back to the stage, Brooks and his fellow band members are all frozen, posing while playing their instruments and the superstar strikes his signature move of screaming to the crowd.

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