Granger Smith celebrated his first No. 1 song with "Backroad Song" on Monday (June 13) at the BMI offices in Nashville, Tenn. Extremely appreciative and humbled by the occasion, Smith recalled wishing for the day a song of his would top the charts.

"I've always dreamed about being on this stage so if there are any singer-songwriters looking this way, it's attainable," he told the industry crowd that gathered at BMI Monday afternoon.

Smith learned that his song went to No. 1 on Feb. 14 and tells Taste of Country that not much has changed for him since the success of having a song at the top position.

"It's very new. I don't know the longterm effects of this," he tells us. "Nothing has changed. I'm still on the same tour, essentially. Maybe Frank [Rogers] can speak better about how life starts changing after a No. 1."

His co-writer and producer, Frank Rogers, has amassed 39 No. 1 songs over the years and tells Taste of Country that "Backroad Song" is "hopefully the first of many" for Smith.

"This is very special and will always be special," Rogers adds. "I think the goal now is to keep the train rolling."

After Smith met with press, an awards presentation saw him receive his first of four plaques to commemorate the song's success and a guitar from BMI given to all songwriters for achieving their first No. 1 song. Additionally, money was donated on behalf of Avenue Bank to Smith's charity of choice which was Boot Campaign, an organization that aims to foster patriotism and bring awareness and assistance to military men and women in need.

He then gave a 10-minute speech during which he thanked everyone who has helped him attain his first No. 1 song. From his manager — his brother, Tyler — to his record label, promotions department, band, crew and even bus driver, Smith says the success all comes down to the fans and working as a team. He then thanked his band and crew who spend time with him on the road, calling them soldiers.

"Our bus leaves for 38 days, goes home for two days, then goes out for 56 days. They have families, little babies at home and they don't have a life besides 'Backroad Song' and my music and they're going to war for me," he says. "There's no other analogy."

He paused before his final words on stage and one more thank you: "This is our No. 1. It says my name on it but this is ours. Thank you guys for coming and let's celebrate this."

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