Granger Smith plays an office drone and cubicle dweller in the 'Miles and Mud Tires' video -- at first, anyway. He doesn't last long in that closed-off environment, happily trading it for something a little more ... country.

Smith's character hates his job, so he quickly throws on the trucker hat, bounces from the office, hops in his dirty red pickup and hits the road, which instantly elevates his spirit.

It's the ultimate fantasy of ditching the 9-to-5 and hitting the road, wind in your hair -- something we all wish we could do.

While it may not be a realistic option for everyone, it's fun to pretend, living vicariously through Smith's 'Miles and Mud Tires' clip. The video's message is clear: We're not meant to be chained to computers and cooped up in offices day in and day out, especially when there is so much beautiful, open road to explore.

Of course, Smith's alter ego Earl Dibbles, Jr. makes an appearance, sending the singer's laptop into the air for target practice without an ounce of regret.

Now, back to reality ...

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