Many country singers have pledged their commitment to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, but Granger Smith and his wife, Amber, are helping in a unique way.

Smith is a Texas native, and tells Taste of Country Nights that when he saw the forecast showing that the Category 4 storm heading straight for the state's coastline, he and his wife knew they'd want to step up. Food and water are major needs in the days and weeks following the storm, but Amber discovered that child necessities like diapers, wipes and bottles are falling by the wayside. That's why they're calling on Yee Yee Nation to donate to the Texas Diaper Bank, which supplies these items not only to children, but to the elderly.

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"She felt very strongly about children," Smith says, relaying Amber's passion for helping kids in crisis. The couple have three small children. "Coming from a mother, it was very impactful and she's very emotional about it. It's a really good organization to help."

While the Smith's Austin-area home was unaffected by the storm, the same can't be said of their friends in Houston. That's why the country star is using his celebrity platform to help support those hurt most. Following the storm, he also donated 100 percent of his merchandise proceeds to relief efforts.

"There's an obligation I have as a public figure that during times of need, people will look to me for some kind of guidance," he says. "And it's a responsibility that we don't ask for, we don't sign up for that, but we take that very seriously that that's put upon us."

Fellow Texans George Strait, Miranda Lambert and Josh Abbott Band have also stepped up to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

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