With Southern blood coursing through his veins, it is only natural that Allman Brothers Band member Gregg Allman is contemplating recording a country album. The 63-year-old rocker revealed this to NPR in a recent interview, saying, "Quite a few people have approached me about doing a country record."

Allman didn't confirm that he will actually be recording a country album, but he said that he would definitely consider it. "Let me see ... I don't know. If the right kind of country songs were there, I would do it. I would attempt it anyway, but you know the blues ain't run out yet," Allman explains.

Allman traces his love of country music back to two of his uncles, who were huge fans of the musical genre. He says, "As a kid, I loved Johnny Cash, because he dressed in black and looked real mean."

The soulful musician released his first solo album in 14 years, 'Low Country Blues,' this past January. The album was produced by 10-time Grammy winner T Bone Burnett, who has worked with country artists like Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss, the Secret Sisters and Steve Earle in the past.

The past few months have been bittersweet for the Nashville-born singer. After contracting Hepatitis C years ago from a tattoo needle, Allman has been struggling with health problems. Last June, the classic rock fixture had to undergo a liver transplant, causing the release of 'Low Country Blues' to be pushed back. However, Allman has since made a full recovery and continues to wow fans of all ages with his Southern-accented vocals and bluesy tunes.

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